59 Jobs for 13-Year-Olds: How To Make Money and Gain Independence

by | Jun 26, 2023

While the law says 13-year-olds are too young to work, many are eager to find a gig or two. For some, it is to add to their allowance. For others, it is a chance to get out and do something instead of just staying at home all summer.

Here are some jobs that 13-year-olds can do. Read on for more details!

Are 13-Year-Olds Too Young To Work?

The U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) outlines the legal provisions for age requirements and types of work for minors. The act stipulates a minimum age of 14 for most non-agricultural jobs. However, some exceptions may apply for specific jobs, such as newspaper delivery, or unavoidable circumstances, such as working for a parent or guardian.

The FLSA limits minors’ hours and work depending on their age. For example, 14 and 15-year-olds can work outside of school hours in specific jobs deemed safe for their age, such as retail or food service, but they cannot work during school hours or in hazardous jobs like construction or mining.

When 16-year-olds search for a job, they have fewer restrictions on the types of work they can do. Still, they cannot work jobs that the Department of Labor considers hazardous, such as operating heavy machinery.

Furthermore, the FLSA mandates that minors receive a minimum wage, currently $7.25 per hour, although some states may have a higher minimum wage requirement.

How To Find Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

Finding a job at 13 can be challenging, but there are opportunities for those who are keen to give it a go. Here are a few ways to find jobs for 13-year-olds:

Online Platforms and Apps

Consider signing up for online platforms and apps like Fiverr, TaskRabbit, or Upwork. These platforms allow you to offer services such as graphic design, writing, or social media management to clients worldwide.

Community Boards

Check with local community centers, libraries, and schools if they have a job board where employers can post job opportunities for young people. You can regularly check these boards to see if there are any jobs available that match your skills and interests.


Ask your friends and family members if they know of any job opportunities for young teens. You might be surprised that someone you know is seeking help with lawn care, pet care, or babysitting tasks.

59 Best Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

Below are the best jobs for 13-year-olds looking to make decent money.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Online Jobs

1. Blogging

Average Pay: $37.9/hr

Blogging is a popular online job for those 13 years of age and above. Platforms like Medium allow teens to create an account, write a blog post about an exciting topic, and monetize it with ads or sponsored content.

2. Author

Average Pay: $33.97/hr

Alternatively, 13-year-olds could become authors by contributing stories to platforms like Tapas or Wattpad, where readers can donate money to support authors and pay for exclusive content.

3. Creative Writing

Average Pay: $28.86/hr

Budding writers can take on creative writing jobs from sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Here, they’ll find various types of writing projects they can manage while being compensated for their efforts!

4. Mobile App Developer

Average Pay: $51.98/hr

Becoming a mobile app developer is an excellent way for tech-savvy teens to make money and show off their skills. As long as they have experience with coding, they can build apps and upload them to the appropriate app store.

5. Music Reviewing

Average Pay: $17-$46/hr

Another great job 13-year-olds can do is a music review on Pitchfork and Rolling Stone platforms. Music reviewers can listen to new tunes before anyone else and earn money by providing honest feedback.

6. Logo Designing

Average Pay: $32.07/hr

Logo designers are also in demand nowadays. Businesses need logos to support their brand identity, and teens with a good eye and good design skills can get hold of gigs. Platforms like Behance and Dribble can help you stamp your authority.

7. YouTuber

Average Pay: $29.51/hr

Starting a YouTube channel is relatively easy, with a willingness to learn new skills. Depending on the scope and reach of the channel, it could generate passive income through sponsorships and ads.

8. Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $24.77/hr

Virtual assistant (VA) roles require slightly more expertise. However, anyone with basic computer skills and an internet connection can start in this role. Becoming a VA provides individuals with the freedom of location independence and flexible hours to fit around school or other commitments.

9. Voiceover Artist

Average Pay: $30.20/hr

Being a voiceover artist is also within reach for 13-year-olds who want in on the gig economy. Training isn’t necessary, though getting some would substantially improve your chances of success. The pay could be more lucrative, but it can still be rewarding if this role excites you!

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Creative Jobs

1. Dog Walking

Average Pay: $16/hr

Dog walking is an excellent way for animal lovers to make cash. Who doesn’t want to get paid for strolling a couple of cute puppies around your neighborhood? The requirements vary depending on the family, but basic obedience training is usually preferable so you know how to handle large dogs.

2. Pet Sitting

Average Pay: $14.36/hr

Pet sitters must have a proven track record of caring for animals and a working knowledge of pet breeds and behavior. Additionally, they should preferably be familiar with the basics of animal first aid. Pet sitters can typically expect to earn between $15 and $25 per hour, depending on the services they provide.

3. Babysitting

Average Pay: $17.46/hr

Babysitting is more involved because laws around babysitting minors may dictate that you can only legally perform the service for family members and close friends. But these jobs usually pay well.

4. Delivering Newspapers

Average Pay: $288-$634/week

One common career opportunity for 13-year-olds is newspaper delivery. It’s an easy job that generally doesn’t require any special skills or tools, and most papers pay decently per delivery. Delivery routes are often flexible so teens can work around school and other commitments.

5. Acting

Average Pay: $23.73/hr

A teen might also check out acting opportunities. The great thing about acting is that it can take place both on-stage or through editing software on the computer. This means people interested in acting can pursue their passion in different mediums, such as traditional theater or digital media.

6. Online Surveys

Average Pay: $26.16/hr

13-year-olds can participate in online surveys – which usually don’t require much effort for a chunk of change.

  • Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie allows you to participate in paid surveys in exchange for cash and other rewards. All it takes is a few minutes of your free time, and you can earn anywhere from $2 – $50 per survey.
  • Swagbucks: With Swagbucks, you can also take surveys while shopping online, searching the web, or watching videos. You earn redeemable points for each activity for PayPal cash or gift cards.
  • Inbox Dollars: InboxDollars offers users multiple ways to make money, like playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, and reading emails with special offers.

7. Testing Websites

Average Pay: $33.88/hr

Websites such as UserTesting are great options, too, as they usually ask testers to give feedback on the site itself, which will help the company gain insight. It’s varied work, and the pay can be around ten dollars per task, which often takes 15-20 minutes.

8. Listening to Music

Average Pay: $15-$38/hr

If music is your thing, websites like SliceThePie and MusicalFruit provide an opportunity to listen to music snippets in exchange for cash rewards. It’s fun if you’re into discovering new music from upcoming artists.

9. Playing Video Games

Average Pay: $28/hr

Playing video games is a great way for 13-year-olds to earn pocket money. Recording and streaming walkthroughs on YouTube or Twitch will allow teens to share gaming experiences while potentially making some nice cash.

10. Data Entry

Average Pay: $21/hr

Data entry jobs for 13-year-olds offer different flexibility. They may not have the same immediate gratification as vlogging or streaming, but it often pays more in the long run than recreational activities.

11. Vlogging

Average Pay: $34.92/hr

Vlogging and creating content for social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat allow teens to express their creativity through visual storytelling. This will also let them monetize their passion, even when simply creating videos of their daily lives. There are plenty of people who make money with Snapchat.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Odd Jobs

1. Car Detailing

Average Pay: $14.03/hr

Car detailing is a fun option for those looking for more than an average hourly gig. Cars need more than just cleaning; here, you can show off your waxing skills too. To get started with car detailing, you will need some essential equipment like a pressure washer, a foam cannon, microfiber towels, detailing brushes, a clay bar, a dual-action polisher, and various cleaning and polishing products.

2. Mowing Grass

Average Pay: $16/hr

Mowing grass is a great choice for somebody looking for odd jobs nearby. However, you do need tools and some experience to do the job well. You’ll need access to either riding or pushing lawnmowers and other equipment, such as trimmers and blowers.

3. Raking Leaves

Average Pay: $12-$36/hr

Raking leaves is another common task usually done as needed. Homeowners often require help when leaves start falling everywhere, especially during the fall. This can be enjoyable work while earning your pay.

4. Shoveling Snow

Average Pay: $15-$28/hr

Shoveling snow is slightly different because it requires being able to take on physical labor that can be strenuous at times. Suitable clothing and footwear are essential, especially if temperatures are low. But aside from that, patience and time guarantee satisfactory results.

5. Running Errands

Average Pay: $20.03/hr

In this job, you are responsible and accountable for ensuring packages are safely delivered and taken care of. You must also be punctual and reliable to ensure the delivery runs smoothly. The expected pay is usually minimum wage or higher, depending on the demand of the job.

6. Washing Cars

Average Pay: $12/hr

When washing cars, expect a lot of physical labor as you will be scrubbing cars inside and out, vacuuming all dirt and debris, drying each car, then applying wax and polish, which can be tiring but rewarding.

7. Plant Tender

Average Pay: $24.17/hr

Plant tender involves caring for any plant life around a building – from simple mowing and trimming lawns to digging deep into the soil for stubborn plants. You must take special classes beforehand to obtain certifications for pesticide applications or use other specialized equipment, such as lawnmowers.

8. House Cleaning

Average Pay: $14.37/hr

House cleaning is ideal for young teenagers since many tasks like dusting, mopping, and window washing are relatively simple once you get the hang of them. It also allows for flexible hours since homeowners typically prefer different times for their cleaning.

9. Tutoring

Average Pay: $24.05/hr

Tutoring younger students appeals to those with knowledge in particular subjects and looking to make extra money. Most tutors charge an hourly rate depending on the skill level required.

10. Assisting With Event Planning

Average Pay: $16.97/hr

Assisting with event planning chips in with the organizational skills that 13-year-olds tend to possess or can learn on the job. They can help by making decorations or taking care of minor or repetitive tasks like directional signs or setting up chairs, to name a few.

11. Social Media Management for Small Businesses

Average Pay: $22.09/hr

Social media management for small businesses requires knowledge of different platforms, creative ideas, and attention to detail. Plus, it’s a great way to gain valuable real-world business experience.

12. Grocery Shopping

Average Pay: $12.87/hr

If running your own store isn’t quite appealing, becoming a grocery shopping assistant could be just what you need. This requires someone conscientious about double-checking orders and accurately meeting delivery instructions. A bit of bonus: enjoy quality time by loading groceries into cars after checkout if requested by customers.

13. Washing Windows

Average Pay: $17/hr

Washing windows allows more flexibility in scheduling and tools required, but safety is paramount here. You will need a bucket, squeegee, microfiber cloth, and a cleaning solution to wash windows. Stay alarmed and cautious when working at taller heights and slippery surfaces.

14. Collecting Golf Balls

Average Pay: $12-$27/hr

This job requires kids to scour the area around a golf course in search of stray balls before they are all scooped up. Kids who love being outdoors will thrive in this type of work as they get to soak up some sunshine and earn money.

15. Picking up Poo

Average Pay: $11.5/hr

Another unique job opportunity for 13-year-olds is picking up pet poo. Kids with an entrepreneurial spirit can flaunt their services to potentially too-busy pet owners who need more time or the desire to do it themselves. An expected pay from this line of work is around $10/hour, depending on how many furry friends you luck out with on your route.

16. Elderly Helper

Average Pay: $15/hr

As an elderly helper, you assist senior citizens with daily tasks such as cooking, grocery shopping, and light housekeeping. This job requires qualities like patience, empathy, and basic household skills. The expected pay ranges from $8 to $15 per hour, depending on the location and experience level.

17. Junior Camp Counselor

Average Pay: $12.25/hr

This job involves aiding professional staff in running camp activities like swimming, sports, and arts & crafts. It requires lots of energy and enthusiasm.

18. Skateboard Mechanic

Average Pay: $27.30/hr

Skateboard mechanic is a perfect job for someone tech-minded and passionate about skateboarding. This job requires skills in repairing and customizing skateboards and knowledge of the latest trends.

19. Cleaning Gutters

Average Pay: $19.30/hr

Cleaning gutters as a 13-year-old requires maturity and responsibility, as you’ll need to clear out the dirt from high-up places efficiently. Tools such as ladders, hand gloves, buckets, or trowels are must-haves. Make sure to use this equipment with utmost care to avoid any injury.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Summer Jobs

1. Fence Painting

Average Pay: $14-$23/hr

The job consists of preparing surfaces to be painted, mixing paints, and painting layers on fences. It might also involve patching or repairing sections as needed.

2. Garage Sale Assistant

Average Pay: $12-$24/hr

A 13-year-old can also assist with garage sales, helping to set up and break down booths and keep an eye on the merchandise while prices are being negotiated.

3. Gardener

Average Pay: $17.33/hr

Gardening and landscaping involve working with nature—from pruning shrubs to weeding flower beds or mowing lawns. It calls for attention to detail, especially when clients have specific instructions about how their outdoor space should look.

4. Mascot

Average Pay: $17.77/hr

To be a mascot, you must be outgoing and enjoy interacting with new people. As a mascot, you’ll need to entertain children at events and sometimes participate in parades; however, it also allows you to create your character and have some fun at work.

5. Model

Average Pay: $26.96/hr

Modeling is more than just looking great. It requires confidence and the ability to pose in front of a crew. You’ll often find work in local advertisements or online campaigns, so when applying, double-check that the job meets all legal requirements for minors.

6. Sports Referee

Average Pay: $18.80/hr

Refereeing sporting events is another incredible way to stay active and earn cash. You’ll need professional judgment, decision-making powers, and the ability to judge fairly and confidently.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Winter Jobs

1. Scrape Windshields

Average Pay: $20-$25/hr

Scraping ice and snow off car windshields for money is another great job option for a 13-year-old looking for winter cash. A young teenager’s size gives them an edge as they can easily maneuver, reaching into small areas and cracking through any remaining icy patches more quickly than adults could!

2. Holiday Decorator

Average Pay: $13-$21/hr

The job of a holiday decorator involves creating and setting up decorations for special events, home interiors, or businesses during the holiday season. This role requires a creative eye, attention to detail, and physical stamina for lifting and arranging decorations. The expected pay can vary depending on the job scope and location but typically ranges from $10 to $20 per hour.

3. Artist

Average Pay: $20/hr

Being an artist could involve anything from painting murals on walls to drawing comics and illustrations. You may need to bring all your supplies, or the client may provide them.

4. Baking

Average Pay: $17/hr

This is not just about creating delicious treats like cakes and cookies but also involves learning essential skills such as portioning ingredients correctly and accurately following recipes. You can take online orders for birthdays and anniversaries and watch the cash flow.

5. Hot Chocolate Salesman

Average Pay: $12-$28/hr

If you’re more outdoorsy, why not try to be a hot chocolate salesman? Selling hot chocolates from self-made stalls or even walking around with them in thermoses will almost certainly warm you up on those chilly days.

6. Household Assistant

Average Pay: $20.39/hr

How about becoming a household assistant? This role involves helping around the house primarily with indoor tasks such as laundry, washing dishes, moving furniture, mopping, etc.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds – Selling Jobs

1. Selling on Craigslist

Average Pay: $377/hr

Selling items on Craigslist is another great way to make money while decluttering your home. All you need is access to the internet, reliable transportation (for delivering items), and a skill for creating a good deal so your items will be sold quickly, but you’re not exactly being ripped off.

2. Seller on Amazon/eBay

Average Pay: $13-$28/hr

Young entrepreneurs thirteen and older can become a seller on Amazon or eBay, listing items to be shipped and delivered like any other merchant.

3. Seller on Etsy

Average Pay: $56.07/hr

Another avenue is crafting handmade items to sell on Etsy. It requires creativity but also uses various social media outlets. As a young entrepreneur, you would manage your Etsy shop by creating an appealing storefront, taking quality photos, and writing engaging item descriptions. You must respond promptly to customer inquiries, accurately package and ship orders, and keep track of inventory.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Average Pay: $18-$22/hr

Facebook Marketplace is another excellent source for teens looking to get into retail. Listing anything from clothes to furniture or services can help turn a simple hobby into a business.

5. Selling Custom T-Shirts

Average Pay: $16.31/hr

Designing and selling custom T-shirts online or in person is another thing you can try as a 13-year-old. To succeed in this job, you must have artistic skills, knowledge of graphic design software, and excellent marketing skills. The expected pay for this job can vary greatly depending on the business’s success but typically ranges from a few hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars per year.

6. Sticker Seller

Average Pay: $9-$17/hr

Being a sticker seller is the perfect entry-level job. No experience is necessary, just a good eye for sticker selection and the ability to bring clients into your network.

7. Textbook Seller

Average Pay: $10/hr

Textbook selling involves startup costs, such as investing in textbooks or selling on third-party apps. Still, it can teach you about entrepreneurship and building an online business.

8. Photography

Average Pay: $22/hr

If photography interests you, there are also opportunities. Photographers need technical knowledge, creativity, and practice to get the best shots.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

Can a 13-Year-Old Work?

Some states allow minors as young as 13 to work certain jobs with restrictions, so before making any decisions, check your local laws. Additionally, look into what resources are available for parents or guardians interested in having their teens gain job experience responsibly—such resources include speaking with local businesses about supervised opportunities that don’t put children in dangerous situations.

What Jobs Can You Get At 13?

You can do odd jobs such as pet sitting or lawn mowing for neighbors and friends. Many teens also tutor younger kids or offer babysitting services. You can also find work in your local community, such as helping at a farmer’s market, selling homemade goods online, or starting a blog.

What Can a 13-Year-Old Do To Make Money?

There are several ways for a 13-year-old to make money, including babysitting, dog walking or pet sitting, yard work, online surveys, freelance writing or blogging, selling handmade crafts or products, tutoring, car washing, and performing odd jobs.

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