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Blogging Is A Business, Not A Hobby

So you’re ready to start your blog?

Well, the first step is to ditch the traditional advice that tells us our blog is a passion project that gives us an opportunity to write about our hobbies & passions. While that path may work for some, most of us want to create a real business and actually make money!

To do this, we need to write great content based on search intent, and build authority in our niche to improve our rankings on Google. The higher you are able to rank on Google, the more organic traffic you will receive to your blog, and the more money you will make. 

The best part? Once you’re able to solidify an article on the first page of Google, you have an evergreen business that is completely passive other than very routine updates to your content going forward.

Blogging, when done right, is a completely evergreen source of income, with people coming to your website each and every month. When they purchase a product you recommend, you make a commission on the sale of that product or software.

Did I mention blogging is a Lifestyle Business Model?

You’re free to run your blog from anywhere in the world with a laptop & internet connection!

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Start A Profitable Blog In 10 Simple Steps

Starting a blog is our #1 recommended business model for aspiring entrepreneurs because it offers unlimited income potential and location independence! Check out our complete guide on how to start a profitable blog step by step. 

How To Start A Blog


Beginner Blogger Free Course

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How To Start A Blog

Best Blogging Content

Best Blogging Tools

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Bluehost is the #1 web host for new bloggers looking to launch a WordPress blog.

Reliable web hosting and improved site speed are essential for ranking higher in Google search, making Bluehost the best hosting provider at a reasonable cost.


DIVI Theme For WordPress

In order to create and design a visually appealing website, you’ll need a theme that offers full customization.

The DIVI Theme by Elegant Themes does just that. Or, you can spend 25 hours trying to manipulate a free theme like I did, only to start from scratch with DIVI later on!


Ahrefs is essential for both creating content and link building, making it essential to the livelihood of your blog.

Monitor the Domain Rating of your blog as well as every other site on the internet. Plus, conduct effective keyword research so you know what to write about!

Surfer SEO

Once you know what to write about, you need to know what to write! Surfer SEO gives you the key words and phrases to include in your articles to maximize on-page SEO.

As a new blogger, you don’t stand a chance to rank without Surfer telling you what Google is looking for in your content.

For more, check out our full Surfer SEO review!


Again, you have to run your blog like a business. Jasper is a powerful AI writing tool that will write articles for you!

Blogging is no longer about writing, it is about assembling content quickly and effectively so you can focus on growing the business.

For more, check out our full Jasper review!


You need to commit to building your email list from Day 1! ConvertKit is the best email marketing software for Bloggers.

Successful marketers will tell you to expect to make $1 per month for every email subscriber on your list. You need a great email service!