Michael Morris

Founder of Pursuit of Passive Income

Michael Morris is a 31-year-old serial entrepreneur. He is a commercial real estate agent & investor with over $200 million in transaction volume & founder of multiple ecommerce brands. He founded Pursuit of Passive Income to help aspiring entrepreneurs start an online business that provides financial freedom & location independence.

My Story

“Failure Isn’t Forever, It Just Means You Are One Step Closer To Success!”

There is no question in my mind I was born with the entreprenurial spirit. School was never for me and I quickly became aware that I see the world differently than my teachers, parents, and most of my classmates throughout high school and college.

I didn’t care about getting good grades so I could get a good corporate job and dedicate my life to a boss telling me what to do.

I knew that the only way I was going to be happy and see myself as successful was to build my own business. I was willing to do anything to make it work.

But guess what? I FAILED. In fact, I failed a lot, and failing really sucks. 

I tried everything. From social media marketing to video production and selling online courses, none of those efforts even came close to succeeding. I even developed an iPhone App with some Chinese developers… don’t ask how that went. 

Why Am I Telling You This?

Chances are, if you’ve found this page you’re ready to start your own location independent business that provides you enough income to support you and your family and live a life you truly love. That is what Pursuit of Passive Income is all about.

But I’m telling you about my failures because while they hurt, they are part of being an entrepreneur. Failure teaches you more than you can ever imagine, and each time you fail, you gain unmeasurable skills and experience along the way.

Failure is what helped me build a business as a commercial real estate agent where I completed transactions with major companies like Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, First Citizens Bank, Taco Bell, AutoZone, Sherwin Williams, and many others.

Failure is what taught me the skills to start three successful ecommerce brands that collectively did around $500,000 in revenue in the span of about 3 years.

And failure is what gave me the confidence and knowledge to launch Pursuit of Passive Income as a digital resource to help aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their dreams.

Pursuit of Passive Income

All of my experience with location independant online businesses, both positive and negative, has cumulated into what is now this website and brand!

I launched Pursuit of Passive Income as a blog on January 19, 2023 otherwise known as my 31st birthday.

In less than 6 months, it grew to serve over 15,000 readers a month!

The response has been overwhelming and it truly makes me so happy and thankful that you are here. 

But make no mistake, while Pursuit of Passive Income exists as a resource for aspiring online business owners, it is also my business! It is how I make a living along with my commercial real estate projects and investments.

This website generates enough income for me to live off of, and while I still work on improving the business every day, I could walk away for months at a time and still enjoy generally the same income each month.

A “blog” is static in nature and therefore doesn’t require anyone to be at the wheel. It runs itself 24 hours a day with a little bit of software and a lot of upfront work. From there, it is infinitely updateable, which means as long as I continue to add more content and serve more people, the business will continue to grow on iteself.

I am building a real business that provides an evergreen source of revenue day after day that is truly meant to help others achieve the same. I am living my dream!

This is why I talk about starting a blog as the #1 recommended online business model for people looking to create a sustainable business that provides a relatively consistent stream of passive income!

On top of that, I started PPI with less than $1,000 in a matter of a couple days. We are talking about a business that now provides me with a full time income less than 6 months later that I can operate and grow from anywhere in the world.

The best part? The business currently generates revenue from three sources to include affiliate marketing, advertisements, and consulting work. If any of those income streams disappear tomorrow, I have the others to fall back on! Nothing can take away the piece of mind that gives me.

As for blogging being the best online business to start with, I recommend it because I can build any of the other best types of online businesses on top of my blog.

My blogging audience gives me a springboard into my next business venture, whether that means podcasting, starting a YouTube channel, selling online courses, and more!

A blog is the anchor for all of that – it is essentially the host of all of your other online businesses, almost like a piece of digital real estate to display your portfolio.

What’s Next For Me & PPI?

I’ve given you a little peek into what is going on in my head as far as next steps in my online business journey, but for right now I’m focused on building this website and growing PPI’s email list.

So many members of our audience have asked about how they can start their own blogging business, and while we do offer a 15,000-word guide on How To Start A Profitable Blog in 10 Simple Steps, I’ve also put together an email course called Begginner Blogger so make sure to sign up for that if you haven’t already done so. 

The course is completely free and walks you through every step of your blog’s initial set up to include getting started with Bluehost and installing your custom WordPress Theme, then covers some necessary add-ons and eventually gets into traffic & monetization strategies to help you eventually take your business full time!

Beginner Blogger

As part of this offering, I plan to record training videos in an effort to provide even more value within the course, and once I’m able to get through that effort (creating helpful video content is really hard!) I will likely launch the PPI YouTube channel, which is something I’m really excited about!

YouTube is a large undertaking but I’m confident it’s the right move for the PPI brand. Not only will it provide another evergreen revenue stream, but it will offer our existing and future audience even more free content, which feels like the ideal win-win. 

So with all that said, thank you for taking an interest in my story and everything we have going on at Pursuit of Passive Income, and if I can ever help with anything, please reach out to me anytime at Michael [at] Pursuit of Passive Income [dot] com! I really do want to hear from you and I’m always available to help you as much as I possibly can. 

Again, thank you for reading and don’t forget that sometimes the hardest thing to do is JUST START 🚀🚀