YouTube Automation: The Ultimate Guide To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

by | Nov 17, 2022

In a society powered by hustle culture, every day we hear about a new way to make money. Recently, the term “YouTube automation” has taken over the side hustle world as a seemingly effortless way to save time and bring in passive income.

But what exactly is YouTube automation? In today’s guide, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about this money-making technique, from how it works to the best YouTube automation tools on the market. If you’re interested in learning how to earn money on YouTube without showing your face, this is the guide for you. 

Some of the richest people on the internet are making loads of money through YouTube. (I’m looking at you, Mr. Beast!) The concept of the platform is simple: the more viral your video, the more money YouTube pays you. 

When you create YouTube videos without showing your face, you rely instead on visuals to get the job done. The beautiful thing about using visuals instead of speaking to the camera is that anyone can create a video for you, thus bringing us to the wild world of YouTube automation.

What is YouTube Automation?

YouTube Automation

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There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the definition of YouTube automation, mostly because the word “automation” itself is so vague. When it comes to automating YouTube videos, there are a few different things it could mean. The easiest way to understand it is to first consider that running a YouTube channel consists of three main components: production, channel management, and engagement. 

As the owner of a YouTube account, you could choose to automate any one (or all) of these components as a simple yet effective method of saving time while bringing in passive income. Just like anything else, there are “right” and “wrong” ways to go about automation in this space. You could outsource the work to another content creator, use reputable automation tools, or use bots to create fake engagement (a big no-no). 

Full-blown YouTube automation would mean that you are the business owner of a channel, earning the money that it brings in, without spending countless hours studying other people’s channels, script writing, recording voice over, editing, and agonizing over making a video that goes viral.

Instead, you would have a virtual team of professionals to do all the time-consuming work for you. Let’s quickly break down each of these components to find out how they can be automated to save time:

Production Automation

Many refer to automating the production of a channel as outsourcing since this involves hiring a freelancer or agency to make videos on your behalf. Essentially, you would be outsourcing the most time-consuming aspect of running a channel. You would then be responsible for the management and marketing of your channel. 

Production Automation

While there are plenty of great freelancers and YouTube agencies you can find online to work with, beware of any that promise things like guaranteed virality or followers. These often involve fake engagement, which is a quick way to get booted off the platform.

Channel Management Automation

Automating the management side of running a channel means offloading the administrative functions to a freelancer or agency. Think of it like getting a virtual assistant for YouTube. 

With this type of YouTube automation, you would still be creating your own videos, but you might have someone else responsible for uploading them, data scraping, and/or engaging with subscribers in the comment section of your videos. 

Engagement Automation

How do you automate engagement, you ask? To put it simply, you don’t. Engagement is the only component of running a channel that can’t be automated, at least not in a way that complies with YouTube’s terms of service.

YouTube Engagement

There are agencies out there that sell fake engagement to falsify a channel’s popularity with fake audiences of real people, also known as bots. This could look like fake subscribers, likes, or comments. It’s never a good idea, especially since YouTube’s algorithm has methods in place to remove bot-generated engagement it finds.

What are YouTube Niches with High CPM?

CPM, or cost per mile, refers to the amount of money that advertisers pay content creators per 1,000 views. The average CPM is $0.38 in the United States, but the number varies greatly from niche to niche. Because YouTube takes a whopping 45% of the revenue each video earns, many people research the CPM of different YouTube niches before deciding what kind of channel they want to create. 

Here are some of the YouTube niches with high CPM in 2022: 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Personal finance
  • Investing
  • Dropshipping
  • Content creation
  • Tech reviews
  • Insurance
  • Business/career advice
  • Website hosting

Best YouTube Automation Tools

If you’re looking to make more money with a faceless YouTube channel, automation tools are a great way to streamline the process. To help you get started, here are some of the most accessible YouTube automation tools on the market right now. 


This is a great YouTube automation tool for anyone who’s new to the game. Of the many automation tools out there, UseViral is consistently ranked as the most notable tool for its quality, safety features, and compliance with YouTube’s terms of service. 

Because this tool also allows for social media integration, you can use it to grow your presence on all of your social media platforms. UseViral offers a diverse range of paid packages, so you can choose to buy YouTube views for as little as $13, a monetized channel for $599, and more.



While some automation tools are designed solely for YouTube, Followersup has a unique feature that supports vast automation support across several social media platforms. You can purchase comments, subscribers, views, and likes in large quantities ranging from 10 to 1,000,000 at a time. 

Followersup features a highly customizable and user friendly interface, along with a 100% money back guarantee that ensures you won’t waste your money. The majority of their orders are completed within an hour, but larger orders may take longer.


Media Mister

Another popular choice in YouTube automation software, Media Mister boasts over 100,000 customers and prides itself on quality over being the cheapest tool. Media Mister operates with a zero-spam policy and promises 100% real subscribers with flexible package options and the ability to target specific countries. 

In addition, they offer live chat support and a money-back guarantee. With Media Mister, you can buy YouTube views for as little as $13 and YouTube comments for as little as $5, along with options for purchasing anywhere from 25 to 500 subscribers.

Media Mister


Stormviews offers fast social media growth through services like YouTube likes, views, and subscribers. They promise services generated by genuine users, not bots, and offer 24/7 customer support. 

Unlike other YouTube automation tools that take a few days (or more) to carry out your order, Stormviews guarantees instant delivery with your purchase. Currently, you can choose to spend anywhere from $7.95 for 50 subscribers to $59.99 for 1,000 subscribers.


YouTube Automation FAQs

Here are some of the most popular questions about YouTube automation.

Is YouTube Automation Allowed?

Yes. Using YouTube automation to run your channel is completely legal, as long as you follow YouTube’s terms of service to do it. When choosing between automation tools, always make sure to check that they explicitly mention complying with YouTube’s TOS.

How Do You Create a Faceless YouTube Channel?

The first step in creating a faceless YouTube is choosing your niche. Once you’ve done that, there are several ways to start pumping out regularly uploaded videos without showing your face. You can experiment with YouTube animation tools to make animated videos, make compilations, put together image slideshows, record cooking videos, create faceless tutorials or explainer videos, and more.

Can You Make Money With YouTube Automation?

If you do your research to get a strong sense of how to use YouTube automation and go about it the right way, then you can absolutely use this tool as a reliable means of bringing in money. 

There are many people whose primary income comes from the platform, but it’s best not to go into it assuming you’ll have the same luck. My advice is to research thoroughly, be open-minded, and see what happens.

What is the YTA Method?

The YTA Method (aka the YouTube Automation Method) is part of a popular 8-week masterclass created by Caleb Maddix that teaches people how to get paid on YouTube by regularly uploading viral videos without showing their faces. The YTA Method was designed to teach non-YouTubers how to succeed on the platform using YouTube automation. 

Caleb Maddix

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering using YouTube automation as a way to bring in a new income stream, I hope this guide has given you the background information you needed to get started.

YouTube automation has proven to work for many successful YouTubers, so why not you? Whether you want to grow an existing channel or start a new one, YouTube automation is a promising way to make passive income online. 

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