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Pursuit of Passive Income is an independent personal finance website dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom and create a life they love. We believe strongly in the ability to start a profitable online business that offers significant income potential and location independence.

The days of the 9-5 work week are a thing of the past, and PPI is here to help you break free from the corporate stranglehold that consumes so many of us, especially early in our careers. Check out some of our most popular content for more information on how to start your journey as an online entrepreneur!

The site’s founder and editor is Michael Morris.

Most Popular Content

For those of you that are ready to start your own online business, check out some of our best content.

  • Beginner Blogger Free Course – Our #1 recommended business model for aspiring entrepreneurs is blogging. For those of you ready to start your own blog, check out our free course to get set up the right way from the very beginning!

About Michael Morris

Michael began his career in the commercial real estate industry and is responsible for over $15o million in transaction volume. He founded Pursuit of Passive Income to share the knowledge he acquired over his 10+ years of business experience, and is dedicated to helping others start their own online business as a means to achieve financial freedom and create a life they love!

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We’ve talked about an online business being our top recommendation for anyone looking for unlimited income potential and an improved lifestyle. But running an online business is no walk in the park. 

Our team offers tailored consulting services to include general coaching calls, link building, freelance writing, content & SEO advice, and more! Click Here to learn more about how we can help you grow your business online!