Common Hobbies That Can Earn A Side Hustle Income This Month

by | Nov 30, 2023

Looking for an easy way to get started on bringing in passive income after you’ve aged out of lemonade stands? Now is the time to turn to your hobbies.

Hobbies exist to keep you happy and help make life worth living, but what if you could add extra income as a cherry on top? Monetizing your hobbies can be simple, if you know what’s going to work for you.


Whether you work as a freelancer for your clients or you’re pitching books to publishers, writing is a great way to bring in extra income every month.

While different types of writing require different training and practice, once you’ve honed your skill, you can easily live off of your earnings that you make while writing. Once you develop your writing skills, start a blogging business and work your way up to a full time income!


If you have an artistic eye, photography is a great way to utilize it. Start by selling your photos on stock photo sites for passive income, and once you’ve established a name for yourself as a photographer, offer your services to specific clients.

Shoot weddings, graduations, family photos, and even maternal photosets once you’re used to working one-on-one with subjects, or take your abstract photography to museums. You can also start up your own website to sell prints of your shots, if that’s more your style!

Being Generally Crafty

Are you known for being creative? If you can work with fabric, paper, wood, or metal, you should consider creating hand-crafted items to sell either online or in person.

Designing and creating your own clothes or jewelry can be a sure-fire way to make a name for yourself either online or at your local market, and you’ll probably have the most success around the change of seasons.

If you’re working with paper or wood, consider specializing in holiday ornaments, decor, or gifts. Handmade cards or engraved wooden items sell well when people are pressed for thoughtful gifts.


Have you ever considered streaming on Twitch or YouTube? Doing so is a great way to turn your gaming sessions into brand new ways to bring in money – with minimal setup.

All you need is a decent computer and microphone, though the latter is only necessary if you plan on doing commentary alongside gameplay in pre-recorded videos or you choose to go live. 

However, for some websites, you’ll need to hit a certain number of subscribers before you can begin earning money, so the best time to get started is today!


Do you have a green thumb? Put it to good use! Raise seedlings and sell your plants themselves in your own at-home nursery or harvest your food to sell at a local farmer’s market!

So many people want to garden, but not everyone has the time to start from seed – selling sprouts could end up being a thriving business if you plan(t) right.


Do you fancy yourself an artist, digitally or traditionally? Establishing a name for yourself and creating a portfolio is the first step in starting your own art-centered business and monetizing your talent.

Taking commissions as an artist can be a great way to pull in some extra income on the side until you’re ready to take the plunge and create art full-time. With enough dedication, you can also land steady jobs as a concept artist or storyboarder for larger companies.

Get Hustling

There are plenty of monetizable talents out there, and with the right select few, you can fit them into your current lifestyle and work schedule to wring a few more dollars out of your day.

Let us know how you’re getting started, and we would love to hear about the unique way you turned your hobby into a moneymaker in a comment down below!