Leverage These Popular Online Platforms To Find A Way Out Of Your Day Job

by | Mar 12, 2023

Some people work their nine-to-five their entire lives and find plenty of satisfaction in it. However, at some point in your life, you may realize that this daily grind is no longer fitting. One of the best ways to get out of the day job is to transition into it slowly. 

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Luckily with online platforms and opportunities for partnerships and businesses, there are plenty of ways to get out of your day job. 

How long does it take? How can you get started? Keep reading, and I’ll show you. 


AngelList is an online platform that helps startup owners get their businesses off the ground. The great thing about AngelList is that these startups are not necessarily looking for the most expensive employees with large compensation and benefit wishes. 

Start-ups are looking for people that are willing to get their hands dirty, put in the time, get paid a little less than they are worth, but eventually grow with the company. 

Some of these startups will never make it; we get that. However, if you are smart about scoping out these business opportunities, you may find a new career in a very short time. 

Did I mention that startups are almost always “urgently” looking for people to help them grow? 


Use your network! 

Chances are you already have a LinkedIn profile set up, but using those connections to see what else is out there may help you get out of your day job. 

Did you know that LinkedIn has the functionality to help you look for a new job? The LinkedIn job search feature has both full-time and freelance options for people looking for a flexible way to get out of their current day job situation. 


Upwork is one of my favorite online platforms. Be aware Upwork is going to take a bit of your money for any work you find there. Simply incorporate this into your fees, and you will still be fairly compensated. 

There are plenty of nuances to working with Upwork, and it takes time to get to know the platform, but this is a great way to see what is out there as far as work opportunities are concerned. 

In addition, Upwork can even give you some ideas as to which industries are actively hiring. 


You would be surprised how many people come up with a simple product idea and turn it into a six-figure business on Etsy. The Etsy platform is easy to use, charges minimal fees, and allows you to showcase your work. 

What I love about using Etsy to get out of your day job is that you can start slowly making products on the weekend and selling them. 

As your business grows, you will know when it’s time to leave the 9 to 5; the risk is very low. 


Are you an expert at something? Or do you simply know how to communicate information to people in a way that they can understand? 

You may need to create an online class that customers can purchase for you. The Teachable platform allows you to design your course and even collect payment and track student progress. 

The courses can be about anything. 

If you take the time to build a course and try and sell it, you may as well start a blog that also gives information about the course. You will need a way to funnel people to your website if you plan on selling quite a few of these course enrollments. 


Fiverr is an online platform that is very similar to Upwork. You can offer your services, set your rates and start to build up a clientele on Fiverr. 

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a Fiverr freelancer is to take the time to create a profile that stands out. 

If you think for a second that grabbing freelance work online is any different than trying to find a date online, think again! 

Final Thoughts 

When you start to think that there could be another path for you outside of the daily grind, it’s hard to get your mind off it. If you want to start taking the steps necessary to reach your goals, any of these online platforms can get you there. Most importantly, you can manage and assess your risk and exposure quite easily using any of these online platforms.