How To Know When It’s Time To Leave Your Job (7 Signs To Watch For)

by | Nov 2, 2023

We all have those bad days at work where we feel it’s time to look for something else to do. It can be really difficult to determine whether you are just frustrated or it’s really time to go. Here are 7 signs, some obvious, some less obvious, that it’s time to leave your job. 

1. It’s Too Easy (AKA Boredom Has Set In)

Let’s be honest, the average worker likes some downtime in their day. Getting to check your personal email, browse through social media and maybe pick out a recipe for tonight is fine. However, it’s time to move on if you feel unchallenged and bored. 

2. Nowhere To Go 

Remember that feeling you had when you started one of your first jobs? Where you knew that you could upgrade and move to a manager or senior supervisor within a year or two. That’s a great way to live and some important motivation; when that goes away, you may need to leave. 

Lack of growth opportunities within a company is a problem; find somewhere that allows you to grow to your full potential. Those jobs are out there! 

3. All Bad And No Good 

You know that feeling when you do something great, and nobody notices? It’s only made worse when you make a single mistake and have to get called out on it. Negativity is going to fester if you are feeling undervalued. If you care about your job, contribute a lot, and still don’t get recognized, it’s time to move on. 

For people like this, moving on to pursue more passive income is typically a good idea, the motivation will already be quite high! 

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4. Can’t Keep Up With Your Life 

Life is what matters most, not work. Work allows us to live the life we want, don’t let work take it away. If you can’t be the partner, spouse, parent, etc., that you want to be because of your job, there are other jobs out there. 

Until I started with passive income streams, I was putting in way too many hours for the wrong people and not creating the life that mattered the most. There are lots of jobs out there and only one life to live. 

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5. Scared of Being Let Go 

If you go to work every day worried it could be your last, make it your last! Job security is a major factor in employee happiness and productivity. If you are afraid your company is going under, or they are just continually laying off people, it’s time to let that job go and move on to the next one. 

6. Your Coworkers Are Terrible 

Do you know that whole thing about how you can’t choose your family? It’s a little different with coworkers. If they are terrible and you are in a toxic work environment, get out of there. Don’t surround yourself with people not helping you expand your career or better your life. 

I know you think this might be easier said than done but remember, passive income is a way to get yourself out of there; you can go make your own money, not find another job. 

7. The Passion Is Gone  

Do you care about what you do for a living? Do you get any enjoyment out of it? If the answer is no, it’s important to look at the sacrifice you are making and ask yourself if it is worth it. 

Passion for your work not only helps the time spent at work be more enjoyable, but you also do a better job. If you know, there is something you could be more passionate about; it’s time to move on. 

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Final Thoughts 

One of the worst things about being unhappy at work is that you can often feel stuck in your position. You can trust me on this one; you are never stuck; there is always something else and a way out. If you have good skills, a desire to work hard, and the time to look for or create something new, you will leave your job and move on to the next one in no time! 

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