What Is Beginner Blogger?

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Beginner Blogger is our free e-mail course designed to help you set up your profitable blog in no time! Avoid the same technical mistakes we made when we started Pursuit of Passive Income and get your blog set up the right way. 

Beginner Blogger Curriculum

DAY 1:

The Mechanics

First, we need to get the backend of our business set up the right way. It’s easy to make costly mistakes right from the beginning which can haunt your business in the long run. Avoid this disaster!

DAY 2:

Choose Your Niche

Choose a niche, any niche… right? Not exactly. We want to help you define your niche without limiting the future of your blogging business. 

DAY 3:

Content Assembly Line

It’s imperative that you are consistently putting out content for your readers. This used to mean a lot of writing. Now, we can create optimized content with limited time & effort. 

DAY 4:

Blog Traffic

‘If you build it, they will come’ doesn’t apply to blogging. We need a strategy to ensure our content is being discovered by our target audience. 

DAY 5:

Monetize Your Blog

Ultimately, we want to make money from our blog to give us the freedom to explore the things we truly care about. We’ll go over the many ways to monetize your audience. 


Software & Tools

You want to grow your blog quickly. Part of scaling up your efforts is to have the best tools and software in place to help you grow. As a business owner, it is imperative to invest in resources so you can focus on what truly matters.  

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