What Is Affiliate Marketer Pro?

Our Program Is Designed To Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Start A Profitable Online Business. 

Affiliate Marketer Pro is a culmination of everything I’ve learned starting and growing an online business. I failed over and over again so you don’t have to! Creatively organized into 7 value-packed lessons, this Free Course exists to help you reach your first $1,000 with affiliate marketing.

As with any business, we need a product to promote. In the first section, we reveal our favorite affiliate products for generating high income with recurring commissions!

From there, sections two and three focus on the infrastructure and systems needed in order for the business to function and how to drive traffic to your offer. Of course the more traffic you get, the more sales you’re going to make!

Affiliate Marketer Pro Curriculum

DAY 1:

Choose A Product

The first lesson is all about choosing a product to promote. We cover the two products we recommend you start with due to the demand, high price point, and recurring commissions!

DAY 2:

Create Your Lead Magnet

Any successful affiliate marketer will tell you the money is in the list! In fact, you should expect to earn an average of $1 per month for each email subscriber. A Free Offer is the best way to grow your list.

DAY 3:

Converting Sales Funnel

You don’t have an affiliate marketing business without a sales funnel that converts your leads into customers. We show you how to use our favorite all-in-one software to build a high quality funnel.

DAY 4:

Automate Email Follow Up

You can’t expect everybody to purchase the product the first time they see it. We will show you how to create a sequence using the same software we used to build your funnel and increase conversions.

DAY 5:

Free Traffic

It’s time to start driving traffic to our offer. As a beginner, we want to start with a free traffic source to achieve as many website visitors as possible. We will show you our favorite option.

DAY 6:

Paid Traffic

There is a ton of nuance when using paid ads to drive traffic to your site. We will show you how we spend efficiently to scale our business so you can focus on faster growth.

DAY 7:

Scale With Value

The best part about one of the main products we recommend you promote is the second tier recurring commissions. Basically, you succeed when your affiliates succeed. We show you how to offer continuing value.

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